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Mr. Fraley's 7th Grade Math







Marzano Scale of Understanding | Here is a Marzano's Student Self-Assessment Rubric that I use with my ...:

• A ratio is a comparison of two numbers

• A percent is another example of a ratio

• A proportion is a statement showing that two ratios (fractions) are equal

• Proportions are a comparison of two or more ratios and that their relationship is multiplicative

• Proportional relationships express how quantities change in relationship to each other

• In a statement with two equal fractions, the cross product is the numerator of the first fraction multiplied by the denominator of the second fraction and the numerator of the second fraction multiplied by the denominator of the first fraction

• A rate is a comparison between two quantities with different units of measure

• Rates and ratios can be used to describe patterns in ratio relationships and can be expressed in many forms (tables, graphs, words, and equations)

• A unit rate is a rate that compares a quantity to one unit

• Ratios and proportions can be utilized to solve for unknowns in real-life scenarios and can also be utilized to make predictions

• A function is a relationship between values of one set of numbers to another set 






Unit 1 Integers (add, subtract, multiply, divide and order of operations) 


 Two step equations








 interactive notebook

math minutes 



school calendar proportional relationships 
Parents Information  Mathematical Content Standards
seventh grade stuff  Released EOG 
Integers  7th Grade Math Minutes 
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Equations   Assessments
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LearnZillon videos and lessons

Remediation Matching Mania  

Remediation livebinder

1st Quarter  Pacing Guide and Lessons CSI Algebra book-enrichment 


Ms Oretga's filecabinet

Bazinga Game

There are nine pockets, each with 3 cards in them.  Here is the breakdown of the cards:

Cards about points:

- (3) Erase one1 point from all other teams.

- (3) Double your score.

- (3) Take away two points from one other random team and give them to your team.

- (6) Add two points to your score.

- (3) Erase two points from one other random team.

Action Cards:

- (2) Randomly switch one player from each of the other teams.

- (2) Randomly have a player from the winning team go to the losing team.

- (2) The team with the least points must collectively do 10 pushups.

- (2) The team with the most points must collectively do 10 pushups.

The Bazinga Card:

Take Half of Every Team's Score. 







Discovery Ed document









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