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Oct 24-28

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Learning Target: I can solve equations and real world problems with rational numbers.

Bell Ringer: Math Minute 3

Classwork:Catchphrase fractions equations.pptx


One-step addition & subtraction equations: fractions & decimals practice

Write down all your problems from this activity and show all your work.  You will turn this assignment end as you leave class.

*****Test Tomorrow******


Homework:  Study for test and Remember to work ACTION PLAN-MobyMax, IXL etc


Learning Target: I can solve equations and real world problems with rational numbers. 

Bell Ringer: None- Questions before test

Classwork: Test on solving equations with rational numbers (fractions) CODE: fract123


Carla has two cats, Rover and Bobo.

Rover eats 3/4 of a can of cat food each day and Bobo eats 1/2 of a can cat food each day. Cat food cost $5.00 for 3 cans. IT IS ONLY SOLD IN THREE CAN PACKS.

1. How much does it cost for a 60-day supply of cat food for her two cats?  $___________________


2.  Find the cost for a 29-day supply, 30-day supply, and a 31-day supply. 


               29-day supply $_________

               30-day supply $_________

               31-day supply $_________
  ----What do you notice about your answers? ____________ 

When you have complete Cat Food problem turn it in  and then go to: MobyMax or Prodigy


 Homework: Remember to work ACTION PLAN-MobyMax, IXL etc


Wednesday: No School Teacher Workday   
Thursday: No School Teacher Workday   
Friday: No School Teacher Workday   



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