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Jan 9-Jan 13

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Monday: SNOW DAY- NO DAY    
Wednesday: Snow Day    


Big Rock:

 I can determine whether plane figures

(quadrilaterals and triangles) are similar and write

proportions to express the relationships between

corresponding sides of similar figures.


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Bell Ringer:  Make sure that all students have complete test analysis for Proportional relationships record data in student folders.                                                                                                                                                             


Guided Notes:

  • Congruent polygons are two figures with the same ________ and _________.


  • Draw an example of two congruent triangles.


  •  Similar polygons have the same _________, but a different _____________.


  • Draw two triangles that are similar, but NOT congruent.


  • Corresponding angles are two angles in the same place, but on different shapes.


  • Corresponding sides are two sides that are in the same place, but on different shapes.   




proportions-similarity and indirect measurement.pdf

proportions-similar figures 11-5.pdf 

Homework: Remember to complete at least 40 minutes of MobyMax per week




  1. YouTube: Similar Figures and Proportions
  2. YouTube: Similar Figures
  3. Virtual Nerd: What are Similar Figures?
  4. Virtual Nerd: Similar Figures and Missing Measurements
  5. PH: Using similar figures to find indirect measurement
  6. PH: Using proportion to find unknown length in similar figures



Big Rock: I can solve problems involving scale models, including changes in scale.

Bell Ringer: Math Minute 15


  • Continue worksheets from Wednesday. 
  • Begin working on Discovery Ed-Math tech book section 4.2 Design Scale Models 

Homework: Remember to complete at least 40 minutes of MobyMax per week

Additional Resources:  



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